Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers


I first saw Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers in concert

at The Forum in Inglewood on June 30, 1981 and 

then again at at Irvine Meadows on September 19, 1981…

and at The US Festival on September 4, 1982.


I would continue to see this band on subsequent tours and performances at

The Universal Amphitheater, The Hollywood Bowl, at Las Vegas’s Joint

and at The San Diego Sports Arena.



Tom Petty Photo #1




Rolling Stone Magazine - Tom Petty

Two examples of Tom Petty’s signature on these issues of Rolling Stone magazine.

Tom Petty Photo #1
Personally signed to my son Kevin,

by Tom Petty on June 25, 2008 at The Hollywood Bowl.

Tom Petty Photo #2

Signed photo by Tom Petty on August 13, 1991.

Three personally signed pages from the 1985 FARM AID program book.

One of the first times I obtained Tom’s autograph was backstage at the Universal Amphitheatre on June 8, 1987 (before all the mall shops, restaurants and redesigned stores).


I also obtained his autograph at Rockline Studios both on June 26, 1989 and again on September 4, 1991. Then again on August 13, 1991 in West Hollywood (at Tower Records). Tom signed at the San Diego Sports Areana on November 21, 1991 and August 13, 1999 at the Irvine Meadows pre-concert “meet and greet”. He signed yet again for me at The Museum of Television and Radio in Beverly Hills on May 12, 2001.


The final times I would ever obtain an autograph from Tom was in Las Vegas as he entered The Hard Rock Cafe “The Joint” on August 16, 2005, and lastly at The Hollywood Bowl on June 25, 2008.


To best of my knowledge these are all the times I was able to obtain Tom’s signature.




Tom Petty CD - Hard Promises

Tom Petty “FULL MOON FEVER” CD cover signed

on September 4, 1991 at the Rockline Studios.

Tom Petty CD - Hard Promises
Tom Petty CD Cover - Hard Promises

Tom Petty “Hard Promises” CD and cover

signed on June 26, 1989, at the Rockline Studios.

This I believe is the very first autograph I obtained by Tom Petty. 

Though it may just be a signed CD cover, it means a lot to me.

Tom Petty - Hollywood Walk of Fame
Tom Petty - Index Card #1

There were many fans waiting for Tom Petty at Rockline on September 4, 1991.

I handed him my blue sharpie to use while signing, for which, he then “thanked” me.

Wildflowers Guitar Song Book

Tom Petty personally signed “Wildflowers” guitar song book.

Autographed by Tom at The Museum of Television and Radio

in Beverly Hills on May 12, 2001. 

Tom was part of an All-Star DJ panel discussing

the current state of FM Radio.

Wildflowers Guitar Song Book
TOM PETTY’S boyhood home, 1715 NE Sixth Street Terrace, Gainesville.

and TOM PETTY PARK, Gainesville.

Tom Petty - Promo Tote Bag

1 of the 2 that I own VERY RARE promo tote bags from “The Last DJ” album/tour.



Stan Lynch - Drumhead #1
Stan Lynch - Drumhead #2
Signed by The Heartbreakers longtime drummer, Stan Lynch.



Signed by The Heartbreakers longtime keyboardist, Benmont Tench

at Club Largo in Los Angeles April 28, 2018.

Stan Lynch - Drumhead #1
Stan Lynch - Drumhead #1

The two above Tour Book pages are autographed by

Mike Campbell, Howie Epstein and Benmont Tench

on October 6, 1999 at The Hollywood Bowl.

Stan Lynch - Index Card #1
Mike Campbell - Index Card #1
Mike Campbell and Benmont Tench - Tour Books

Two inner pages of some early Tom Petty tour books signed by
Mike Campbell (left) and Benmont Tench (right).

Tom Petty LP - Southern Accents
Tom Petty LP - Framed


Its hard to see, but if you look real carefully at this poster (click on it to enlarge), you will see that with the exception of the top right quarter of the poster, there is a plastic film over the rest of the poster. I left the plastic on to preserve the integrity of the poster however leaving a portion large enough for Tom to sign. Instead, though I even pointed to Tom where to sign, he signed on the plastic covering of the top left quarter (full signature).

I then pointed that out to him that he signed over the plastic to which he then added his initials to the top right portion that actually is then signed on the poster. My framer told me to “do nothing”, as to let him frame it fully as is, and forever tell the back story as to both signatures upon the entire poster.



Tom Petty and the Heartrbreakers - LP #1



Tom Petty LP - Damn the Torpedos #2
Tom Petty LP - Damn the Torpedos #3
Tom Petty LP - Hard Promises
LP - Tom Petty - Long After Dark #1
Tom Petty LP - Into The Great Wide Open #1
Tom Petty LP -Greatest Hits #1
Traveling Wilburys LP #1
Tom Petty - Mudcrutch LP #1
Tom Petty - Full Moon Fever LP #2
Tom Petty - Full Moon Fever LP #3


TOM PETTY was one of the most generous, enjoyable, funny, and kindest of all celebrities to want to sign autographs for fans. He never once did not sign for me, in all the various years and places I approached him.  His death, is a huge loss to Rock and Roll.


Thank You Tom for so much amazing music. Rest In Eternal Peace.




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