What amazed me most when I saw Alan Parsons in concert

on Tuesday February 4, 2020 at The Grove Theater in Anaheim, was


why had it taken me so many years (and decades) to see
this beautifully talented man in concert?
Cymbal - Stewart Copeland

Prior to the Meet & Greet and concert, and on a very windy afternoon

Alan posed with me for a photo and signed several album autographs.


Alan Parsons Meet & Greet pass; February 4. 2020.


Cymbal - Mick Fleetwood

Alan Parsons and I during the Meet & Greet, prior to that nights concert.

Cymbal - Mick Fleetwood

 My ticket to the show, the Meet & Greet, which also included the soundcheck.


Alan came out to the lobby prior to the show and well before the doors opened to the public and greeted the about 20 Meet & Greet fans with a full and very generous 45 minutes of photographs, autograph signings, and answers to those that asked questions.  There was no hurry or pushing of anyone through and Alan made everyone feel that their time was important. Thereafter, the fans were treated to a full 30+ minutes of the bands soundcheck.


Alan was tremendously generous, in great spirits and everyone had a very good time.


Many THANKS and VERY GOOD JOB indeed to 

Mr. Alan Parsons for an outstanding Meet & Greet package.


Cymbal - Stewart Copeland

Personally signed poster as part of the give-a-ways at that nights Meet & Greet.



Cadillac Ranch #4
Cadillac Ranch #6
Cadillac Ranch #6

(please click on any image/LP for a larger view)


Each of these 4 albums were signed on 

February 4, 2020, at The Grove Theater in Anaheim.

Each of the above 4 “THE SECRET” albums were purchased at the merchandise

booth but signed in person on February 4, 2020, at The Grove Theater,

in Anaheim, during the very generous pre-concert Meet & Greet.


Cymbal - Mick Fleetwood

ALAN PARSONS PROJECT: February 4, 2020, The Grove Theater, Anaheim, Ca.



        An absolutely fully enjoyable evening of beautiful Rock and Roll music.