AFTER all the above said, and Meet & Greet hassle, the band towards the end of their first half

Las Vegas residency, began selling pre-signed fully band autographed LP’s. 


These two above were purchased on July 4, 2019 by a fellow collector upon my behalf.


I have no idea what I may have told my parents where I was at, but that I was going with my cousin to a “concert”. It was CAL JAM II at The Ontario Motor Speedway on March 18, 1978, that I first saw (or at least could hear) the band Aerosmith. It was a day that was my first “exposure” to many musical and illicit pleasures.

The title track to “Toys in the Attic” still remains an amazing R&R song.


This autographed book was obtained directly from the Aerosmith website.
Signed ticket envelope by Steven Tyler prior to The Paul McCartney concert
at The Hollywood Bowl on March 30, 2010.
Photograph and signature of Steven Tyler on Melrose Avenue, Hollywood.