Quiet Riot





The truly gifted rebel who taught us all to bang our heads.




October 29, 1955 – November 19, 2007


The very generous and so loved by his fans…….




NOVEMBER 14, 1951 – AUGUST 20, 2020




In early 1983, there was already a huge buzz from Hollywood to the San Gabriel Valley

to The Golden Bear in Orange County about a band called Quiet Riot.




I first saw Quiet Riot at Perkins Palace in Pasadena on May 7, 1983.



The band was gaining both radio airplay and appearing all over Southern California.


I would later find out that I had actually seen several of these band members in 

bands prior to them coming together as the band Quiet Riot,


I would see them again a couple weeks later on May 29, 1983 at the US Festival.

It would not be until decades later, and members long changed

that I would see them finally again on August 2, 2019.





Sadly, I have no memorabilia autographed by Kevin DuBrow.


Quiet Riot Road Rage LP
Quiet Riot Road Rage LP

(click on the albums to enlarge)


Both of the above albums were signed by the entire 2019 version of Quiet Riot:

James Durbin, Frankie Banali, Chuck Wright and

Alex Grossi, in Montclair on August 2, 2019.



I do not get into all that “this version” versus “the old version” kind of talk.

It’s silly and really does not pertain to this very fine group of musicians and the 

excellent and very powerful concert they put on. I am just so happy that the music

lives on and these very talented men still wishes to deliver it to the fans.




Frankie Banali and and Alex Grossi signed set list from

the August 2, 2019 performance at The Canyon Montclair.


Rudy Sarzo and I at The Whiskey on November 17, 2019.


Frankie Banali and I in Montclair on August 2, 2019.


Rudy Sarzo and myself in Las Vegas on October 5, 2018.


Both of the above index cards were signed by

Rudy Sarzo

in Las Vegas on October 5, 2018 during the Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp.

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Frankie Banali

Photo - Frankie Banali and Stephen Duncan
Frankie Banali - Drumhead #1
Franki Banali - Index Card #1
Frankie Banali - Drumhead #2

Signed by long time drummer and founding member of Quiet Riot,
Frankie Banali, at the “ALL THINGS THAT ROCK” Expo,
in Oaks, PA, on Saturday October 3, 2015.

Frankie has all my respect for trying so hard to keep the memory of his bandmate Kevin DuBrow alive through their music