Cheap Trick





 I have seen Cheap Trick 38 Times in concert, as

  from December of 1979, to December of 2019.

 More so than any other band I have ever seen in concert.







This album was autographed/completed in 2018 and 2019.

As you can see, the signatures are virtually unrecognizable.


Though I am a complete fan of this band, and respect greatly each member 

(all versions) so much and especially enjoy seeing them live in concert, 

the collecting of their signatures has simply become such a sloppy and so very

rushed deterioration of the quality of their autograph that for myself, its virtually  

such a waste of pursuit and personal time to even ask these members for an autograph.


Love the guys and endlessly enjoy the band, but wish they took just a brief 
bit of more time and signed what could be recognizable autographs.



The majority of the following signatures below, unless noted otherwise,

were autographed between the years 1988 – 2006.


Thus, the much fuller and better looking quality of autographs.




Fully signed “That ’70’s Show” CD cover sleeve,

signed on September 27, 1999 at the in-store Wherehouse Records store in Hollywood.


Fully signed Cheap Trick drum head purchased directly from

the bands website in January of 1994.

A complete win/win for both the band and fans of the band, 

by selling real and authentic signed merchandise directly from the band.



The above unused extra ticket of mine was for the first time I ever saw Cheap Trick

in concert New Year’s Eve at the Fabulous Forum, December 31, 1979.


Eventually, I would see this band 38 times (as of 12/31/2019). This tour was just the beginning.


ONE OF FAVORITES BANDS IN ALL OF ROCK AND ROLL and one of my favorite bands to collect from. I simply am thrilled to have collected the signed items you see upon this page.



Personally signed by Robin Zander at the Wiens Winery on Friday September 12, 2014,

in Temecula, Ca., during a solo concert of “The Robin Zander Band”.


Robin, though a bit reluctant at first thinking that this guitar would end up on Ebay, did agree to autograph my guitar after some convincing (and begging) by myself and seeing my wife’s honest face and pretty smile. Robin Zander continues to show why he is one of R&R’s most generous and friendly autograph signers and why after 40 years he is so very popular with so many fans.



The generosity of the band Cheap Trick as always to their fans was again most evident on Wednesday August 30, 2017 at The Greek Theater in Los Angeles as the boys signed these two above EP’s, thus adding a couple more “completed” items of their memorabilia to my collection.



1979 DREAM POLICE Tour Book signed as best possible (dark cover) by the band.

1989 World Tour Book signed by the entire band.



Signed 8X10 of the classic Dream Police line up of Cheap Trick:

Robin Zander, Bun E. Carlos, Tom Peterson and Rick Nielsen.


ABOVE and BELOW, many different fully signed 8X10’s throughout the bands career.
Autographed photo by all four members of Cheap Trick:
Robin Zander, Bun E. Carlos, Tom Peterson and Rick Nielsen.
Autographed photo by all four members of Cheap Trick:
Robin Zander, Bun E. Carlos, Tom Peterson and Rick Nielsen.
Personally signed Remo drum head, (though it appears he likes Ludwig) by Bun E. Carlos indicating my favorite Cheap Trick song, “Everything Works If You Let It”.
The ACTUAL Drum used in the Cheap Trick video, “Can’t Stop Falling In Love”,
directly acquired the day of the video from Bun E. Carlos’s drum set.

Drumhead signed by Tom Petterson, Bun E. Carlos, Robin Zander and Rick Nielsen.

I have seen them at the largest of concert hall venues to the smallest of state fairs, Las Vegas poolside/beach parties, parking lot concerts, and at many, many 1000 seat (or less) clubs. They are without a doubt, one of my favorite bands both on the radio, and especially live on stage.

I started collecting thier autographs in about 1988, and have had tremendous success and personal enjoyment. I really admire and support this band. To exactly say when and where everything I have from them was signed, is simply so difficult with any precise accuracy. Unless noted otherwise, your just going to have to take my word that I got thier signatures live and very much directly in person.


MY CHEAP TRICK CONCERT COUNT: 37 times in concert, since December 30, 1979.


Purchased and personally signed by Robin Zander at the Wiens Winery on Friday September 12, 2014, in Temecula, with proceeds of purchase to charity.

Robin autographed it for my wife and I while in his dressing room after the concert.



Concert used drum sticks by Bun E. Carlos personally sent from him on December 4, 2014.

Please note that one of the two sticks is also autographed by Mr. Carlos.

Three signed copies of probably the band’s most popular and successful album, “Dream Police”.
Just some of over 137 Cheap Trick guitar picks in my collection.

Hanging with CHEAP TRICK on Saturday November 22, 2014

at The Warfield Theater in San Francisco.

“Everything Works If You Let It”


Hanging with my daughter and the boys of CHEAP TRICK
on Wednesday December 16, 2015, at The Fox Theater in Riverside, California.


(or at the very least, to be friendly to those in high places)


for the extreme generosity he has shown me, both in person and in sending me the many
“surprise items” through the mail. His generosity equals his playful sense of humor,
and both equal this man’s unbelievably talented playing of his Ludwig Drums.

Equal thanks goes to Robin Zander, Tom Peterson and Rick Nielsen for their willingness to both sign autographs “on the streets” and at the many offered pre-concert Meet and Greets that I have attended.






Both of these songs are:



Both songs were originally found on the June 2 1980 EP release, “Found All The Parts”.

(“Everything Works If You Let It” was actually a 45rpm bonus single, slipped into the EP jacket)


According to the website SETLISTS/FM, “Such A Good Girl” has only been
performed live in concert ONCE (August 11, 1980 in Montreal).


“Everything Works If You Let It” has been performed only 2 times since 1984
(both at the Star Plaza Theater in Merrillville, TN, on February 26th and 28th, 1998).

It has not been performed since, in over 22 years.



I have often thought of what it might cost to lease/rent a local venue and hire this band to perform in concert, with a mutual Set List of both our choosing.  These two songs and a few other very seldom played tunes would be at the top of my wish list.



I have respectfully written to both Rick and Robin requesting that either of these  

songs please be performed at an upcoming show that I had tickets for.

Unfortunately, no response and neither song gets any live performance concert time.


For whatever reason, and I trust that there is an actual reason,

the band just does not play either song live, no matter how much requested.





CHEAP TRICK concert “Meet and Greets” have been some of the funnest encounters
with any band ever in the over 30 Meet and Greets that I have thus far
far had the pleasure of attending.


At least, they started out being that way.

However, increasingly, and after my last paid event on August 30, 2017

at Los Angeles’s Greek Theater specifically, I found myself asking the question:


“OKAY, so what part of this was the GREET?”


The first clue was when our host lined up the crowd of about 30 fans and said,

Okay, there are to be no autographs asked for, and the photo is going to be  
real quick. We are going to zip you in and zip you out. It’s going to be fast”.


He was right. The entire encounter was a rushing in, then a blink of a photo, then followed by the command, “NEXT”.  Almost $400.00 for what amounted to a photo opt, not a Meet and/or Greet.  I was barely given time to say hi to these four men and convey a smile. Now, I am not looking to sit down and have tea and biscuits with these guys. I understand that time before a concert is both limited and crucial, however, I have been to many Meet and Greets with other bands, whereas a fan is allowed a reasonable amount of time (even 20-30 seconds, which, if done right, a fan can pretty much say their peace in such a time) and all went smoothly. It was both fair in price for a very fair encounter.

As far as no autographs, that too is absolutely ridiculous.  What is the more appropriate time and place, all under supervised secure conditions, than at a Meet and Greet to obtain at the very least 1 personal item signed?  It has to surely be better than a celebrity being hounded on the streets or followed into a restaurant? IF organized correctly, as so many other bands have mastered, a line of fans even 40 people thick, can muster through a photograph and a personally signed item, per fan, in about an hour. Its a win/win for both the celebrity and the paying fan. Further, it is fair and reasonable in request.

I have paid for now 5 separate Meet and greets with the band Cheap Trick in various California cities since 2014, and because I respect this band and admire their music, especially performed live so much, I am sure I will pay for future ones too.  However and eventually, as the price increases with the quality continuing to decrease, I will have to look elsewhere and spend my very hard earned money on meeting other bands.  To quote a song that the band often plays in concert, “Aint That A Shame”.



LASTLY, and I really do not want to harp on this too much, however,


Personal Note To ROBIN ZANDER:


Have you taken a good look at the autographs that you have been signing over these last few years?


I understand that you perhaps are generously signing as many signatures as you can for as many fans as you can, and with that said signing an autograph is far different than signing a legal document, but, my goodness, that overlying loop and scribble is completely unrecognizable and ruins at best, the extremely hard work that a fan goes through in what is a fully signed album or photo.


My point simply is this pretty please:


PLEASE try and take a bit of extra care and an “extra second” when signing.

Most of your true fans want to proudly display your signature to family and friends.


By taking just that extra entire second, just 1 blip of a second more, 

a true fan can have forever a real and readable autograph, instead of

these rushed and unrecognizable scribble of your initials. Please  🙂