Elton John

One of the most talented and gifted musicians of my lifetime.






Signed during the first of eventually two

Tower Records/Sunset Strip signings, March 20, 1995.
The above is an autographed CD cover from the film/soundtrack, “The Lion King”.

Autographed Elton John sheet music from “The Lion King”.

ALL AUTOGRAPHS on this page were signed at Tower Records

on the Sunset Strip at either the “Made In England” in-store signing on March 20, 1995

or the “El Dorado” in-store signing on March 14, 2000, OR

the Tommy performance at The Universal Amphitheater on August 24, 1989.


The Complete Lyrics hard cover book signed on March 20, 1995 at Tower Records 
in Hollywood, autographed by both Elton John and Bernie Taupin.


On the night’s of March 20, 1995 AND March 14, 2000, Elton John appeared at Tower Records on The Sunset Strip for his two historical in store/in person signings.

Besides signing his CD product both nights, he was also signing “one other item of choice”.

That was exactly the window I needed. I had my items to get signed, and a stack of extra’s. I started with the person behind me and went right down the line asking people to get extra items signed for me (and I would pay them $100). I had a total of $2,000 and about 20 additional items to get signed between both nights. I had no trouble whatsoever finding willing participants. By night’s end, I literally had a wheel-barrel FULL of Elton John signed items of memorabilia.

Costly, yes, but an autograph bonanza of Elton John signatures.

The very rarely signed and very hard to find signed Elton John tribute CD to Princess Diana,
“Candle In The Wind”, signed on March 14, 2000.
Autographed Elton John Tour Books signed March 20, 1995 at Tower Records, West Hollywood.
Signed 8X10’s by the living legend Elton John from the Tower Records signings.
Very rare and very personal signed and inscribed drum head by Elton John
at his Tower Records in store autograph session on March 20, 1995.

Personally signed index cards by Elton John, autographed at the Tower Records signings.

MY THOUGHTS: Elton John is a prime example of a major R&R celebrity who because he has taken part in so many in store autograph signings, fans all over the world have and own real autographs by him, thus, cutting down the need for many fans (never all fans, however) to run the risk of purchasing fake and fraudulant signatures as well as cutting down the resale value of signatures obtained by autograph chasers.

Elton John by virture of participating in, “in person” signings, shows that the system can work.

Probably the best signed Tour Book in my entire collection. Autographed perfectly.

The (above left) “Made in England” CD cover and the (above right)
“EL DORADO” CD cover were both signed at the very rare Tower Records on
Sunset Boulevard’s in store signings on March 20, 1995 and March 14, 2000.



The above albums were signed at the March 20, 1995, Tower Records on Sunset Boulevard in store
signing attended by both Elton John and Bernie Taupin.
Both of these albums were signed by Elton John at his
Tower Records West Hollywood in store signing on March 14, 2000.


Horribly signed by Elton John as he arrived and was handshaking the crowd outside of the March 14, 2000 signing at Tower Records. 

I “snuck” a signature request from him on this album outside of Tower Records as he greeted the crowd, in lieu of waiting for the signing to begin inside.

Elton was barely even looking a what he was signing as the crowd was pushing to greet him.

(I deserved what I received by not waiting in taking this LP inside for the signing).


TRULY AN HONOR to have been able to meet this amazingly talented man.


The above “Honky Chateau” LP was signed on March 20, 1995 at

the very rare Tower Records on Sunset Boulevard in store signings.