The Selling of Any of My Memorabilia


I had a very strict policy of “NOTHING EVER FOR SALE”.


This held true until about 2015 when I needed to clean up and clean out so many duplicated/triplicated signatures, and autographs that were no longer relevant to the direction I wanted my collection to go. Over the years I came to grade my collection as the items that were very personal, the items that were really nice stuff, and items that though are really good – I could probably live without.


It was about this time there was an incredible surge and increase on the amount of autograph conventions, concert Meet and Greet’s and all personal celebrity appearances to which began to explode, along with the price to attend such encounters.  For over 30 years I financed my collection with my own earned income and job paychecks. Though offers to purchase my items were lucrative, I always said, “Thanks, but no thanks”. WITH THAT SAID, and looking ahead, I could no longer keep up with or compete with what was now, the increased higher prices as autograph obtaining entered into the universe of BIG BUSINESS and anywhere from high prices to very/very high prices to now obtain. Increasingly since, as we enter 2023, the prices to obtain an artists signature, with only very few exceptions, is ridiculously priced.







As I reach the age of 60, and having collected the autographs you see on the following pages

and throughout my website, for over half my life and all of my adult life

the peruviol question continues to get asked:


“What do you plan on doing with all the

autographs and memorabilia that you have collected”?


Since my adult kids have expressed little to no interest in inheriting what I have collected, I am a bit perplexed on what I should keep and what, if anything, I might sell, should the price feel right.









autographs in 2023/2024 and beyond. I continually pursue artists in the best possible autograph conditions for signing by paying the incredible increasing higher prices for Concert Meet & Greets and attending Autograph Conventions in various states and even in other countries.


Please understand the outrageous costs I spend annually associated with attending anywhere an artist is available to meet their fans. This I do believe, results in the finest possible signatures that I can obtain. I continue my pursuit of not just new and more recent signatures but also as an upgrade of older signatures that were signed years ago on the streets. Many of these sloppier or rushed signatures I have since purged or even tossed away, as they are not of the quality that I wish to keep and preserve within such an amazing and hard working collection,


The future is as bright as it is unknown.  Thank you for visiting.

Please feel free to ask me, anything…………..







I wish to THANK each and every artist that has taken the time or made themselves available in any way whatsoever, to take time and autograph the items I have within my collection.  Please know that my hard work and dedication in many ways is very similiar to your own, and family sacrafice and well as spent vacation time from work (my real job) has all been spent in my quest to build an amazing personal collection of some beautiful and rare Rock and Roll autographed memorabilia.



Regretfully, I cannot offer any services for trying to get a personal item of yours signed. I simply cannot and do not want the responsibility of another collector’s item of memorabilia. With that said, I am happy to share any information that I can that may assist you in getting your item of memorabilia autographed. Email me please: I would enjoy helping you……….

Equally, I do not purchase any signatures from outside collectors. Though you may have some historic and very rare items of memorabilia, and no doubt such items would look great on this website and in my collection, it is simply not how I obtain, nor is the nature of this collection.




Please note that this entire website gets updated and copyrighted continuously. If you choose to upload, down load or whatever load any image or item from this website, please do so with photograph credits and my website name information. Play fair and honest and I will probably see no need contact you or make a fuss.




If you are a Rock and Roll celebrity or artist and have old stage clothing, a broken amp, a broken guitar, or parts of an old drum, a cymbal, a microphone, guitar picks or a guitar strap, a stage worn hat, a luggage trunk or any type of hand written lyrics, autographed items of any kind, or any memorabilia perhaps taking up room in your garage or getting rusty and moldy in some storage room and wish to contribute and preserve it in my collection, please contact me or send it to me at:

Stephen Duncan
P.O. Box 267, Norco, CA 92860

or email me at:

Photo - Stephen Duncan and Ace Frehely