Though I have been a fan of the band DEVO since about 1978, and have seen them in concert at least once in

probably 5 different decades, I never have been able to really obtain much in the way of their “autographs”.

Their autographs, are a bit zany at best and are often printed or “signed” with a simple first name.

What I should of done and wish I did, was tried much harder to obtain a fully signed 



There is almost non of this very classic 1980 LP fully signed by the band in circulation.





Signed by the 2012 line-up of DEVO, at The Observatory Theater

in Santa Ana on May 13, 2012, at the after concert “meet and greet”.

Bob Casale, also known as “Bob 2” passed away on February 17, 2014.




Again, not very much at all in the way of autographs, or even photos with the band.

However, I sure have enjoyed seeing them in concert and really enjoy their music for the past 40 years.