Rock and Roll Music has all the answers with unlimited powers.

It’s only Rock and Roll, but even as a young kid, I really liked it.

I grew up on L.A. radio listening to 93 KHJ, 95.5 KLOS, and the best radio station ever to exist on our planet, the late 94.7 KMET. Disc jockeys with names of Machine Gun Kelley, Jim Ladd, Ace Young, Jeff Gonzer, Real Don Steele, Paraquat Kelley, Frazier Smith, Bobby Ocean, Mary “The Burner” Turner, Dr. Demento, and my favorite DJ’s ever Rita Wilde and Cynthia Fox.


I have seen some of rocks best concerts ever performed:

The Rolling Stones on the “Some Girls” and “Tattoo You” tours of 1978 and 1981, Cal Jam II, Styx “Paradise Theatre” tour, Supertramp’s “Breakfast In America” tour, Devo’s “Freedom Of Choice” tour, “The River” tour by Bruce Springsteen, The Pretenders at Perkins Palace in Pasadena ( original line up and yes, that was the show where Bruce Springsteen jumped on stage and sang “Higher and Higher”), Tom Petty, on “Hard Promises”, The US Festivals, Rush, Journey, Heart, Rod Stewart, Queen, Eric Clapton, AC/DC, Blue Oyster Cult, KISS, and Roger Waters performing his 2012 version of “The Wall”.

I was addicted then, and still am to this day, on Rock and Roll concerts.




AFTER COLLECTING of memorabilia for over 40 years and autographs for over 30 years, I think I have a few good stories that I can tell of Robert Plant, Phil Collins, Don Henley, Keith Richards, Eric Clapton and such interesting events and things I have seen at Call Jam II, The Us Festivals, Knebworth 1990, and on the streets and clubs of Hollywood.




Though not at all musically talented, nor can I read a note of music or play a string of a guitar, I do have the gift and personality to meet, chat, interact, collect and enjoy all that is the memorabilia side and autograph fun, that is Rock and Roll. I thrive on the thrill of the celebrity encounter and respect the generosity that so many celebrities have afforded me. As much as seeing Bruce Springsteen from that stage, or David Gilmour performing “Comfortably Numb” over and over in concert, celebrity encounters and taking back home a signed item of some kind of memorabilia is a high of pure musical enjoyment.

PLEASE take your time and flip and read through the stories on each page of this website.

I have tried to keep them concise and to the point.  I rather the signature and item of memorabilia do the talking, not me. I have tried to the best of my ability to recount exactly where and when each signature was obtained. Since my collection started prior to the Internet and Ebay, and started at a time when Rock and Roll autograph collecting was really in its infancy, I never thought of (like we all do today) to account for in such detail the statistics of each signature as to when and where it was signed. Back then, I was just a young kid very glad and giddish at meeting a celebrity such as Eric Clapton, Roger Waters, Brian May, Bruce Springsteen, Jimmy Page, KISS, the Eagles and/or Deep Purple.





IN CLOSING, I really must thank my family for all their patience, especially my very patient wife Maria who I love more than even I sometimes want to admit, or realize myself. She is the most beautiful woman I ever said “I Love You” too and the most incredible mother to my kids.

To all three of my gorgeous children who as well must be incredibly thanked.

Lastly to my parents, especially my very stern but loving mother who I miss every day of my life. .

PLEASE enjoy what I feel is the funnest private collection found anywhere on the internet all collected first hand by myself who never has had any affiliation with anyone in the entertainment industry.









I am thankful to so many folks who have emailed me over the years and complimented me on my collection or have enjoyed my website and too have shared their encounters and stories of themselves with their favorite rock bands and artists.

Below, are actually a few accolades in print from those who have enjoyed my collection.

RANDY MEISNER in April of 1994,

upon seeing some very rare Eagles Memorabilia that I was asking him to signed exclaimed,

” You have more stuff than I do and I was in the band”.




“Thanks………Good Stuff…made me put on my Rock and Roll Shoes”

———————-former KMET disc jockey Ric Scarry in an email dated July 26th 2008


“The Site Is Lovely”

——–former KMET disc jockey Raechel Donahue in an email dated August 5th 2008


“It was very nice, well written and put together, and I salute you for your labor of love.”

——–Former KMET program director and celebrity Shadoe Stevens in an email dated November 9, 2009.


“Thanks for sharing your rockandrollcollection with me. wow… quite a collection, that’s for sure.”

———– Former KMET disc jockey Pat “Paraquat” Kelley, in an email dated November 10, 2009


“Yes I’ve checked out your website. Very Impressive!! You’ve pretty much covered it all. A few years ago there was a film producer attempting to do a documentary on KMET. Many of us met on a sound stage and remembered the good times. He was putting together a short presentation to get financing. I guess he never did. Again, great site!”

—————————– Former KMET disc jockey Jeff Gonzer, in an email dated January 7, 2009




I am so happy that even the

Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame in Cleveland

has viewed my website and Collection.