Though Eddie and Alex Van Halen are very, very generous autograph signers
(most of the time), it seems that every time there was a Van Halen media style event,
it took place during the early part of the day when I could not attend. Thus, I missed
so many gravy opportunities to increase their signatures in my collection. That said, I am
so happy to have seen them in so many concerts since the 1980’s, in all incarnations
of this crazy band, and the signatures obtained that you see below.
I thank Eddie, Alex, Mike, Sammy, David and Gary.

The above two images are signed CD covers of the “For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge” album.
Signed 8×10 B&W, classic VAN HALEN lineup:
Eddie Van Halen, Alex Van Halen, Michael Anthony and David Lee Roth.
Signed by the VAN HALEN, part II line up:
Eddie Van Halen, Alex Van Halen, Michael Anthony and Sammy Hagar.
Gary Cherone (of Van Halen at that time) signed this 5X8 plain index card outside of The House of Blues in Hollywood on September 17, 1999, as he went into the Paul McCartney listening party that night
for Paul's performance of Run Devil Run.
What I have been able to collect through all the above signed photographs
is at least one signed fully autographed 8X10 of the band's first three incarnations.
Not always easy, especially back in the days when certain members were not speaking
to certain members. Or, that still kind of going on today?
Fully signed and very rare guitar and lyric music book signed
by all of the early Van Halen members.
Nobody would ever believe sitting in front of my wife and I at the 2/3/1994 RUSH concert at The Fab Forum, was Alex Van Halen. I knew no one would believe me that he was sitting right in front, so I asked Alex if he would provide me "proof"..... Van Halen for me has been a band that I have had pretty good success at obtaining thier signatures from, but have had more misses than hits. In other words, I have seen them by chance at many places, but not knowing any of the members would be at such places, I wasn't able to get items signed. That said, I must compliment this band on thier always very generous nature.
Fully signed Van Halen 5150 Tour Books, autographed by all members
at The Hard Rock Café at The Beverly Center on April 24, 1994.
My personal guitar signed by Eddie Van Halen.
My personal guitar signed by Michael Anthony.
Van Halen will always remain "The Monsters Of Rock".

Unless otherwise specifically stated, it would be almost impossible for me to go back and research when and where every signature by these 6 members of the band were signed. Van Halen is some of the first, and earliest signatures
I every started collecting or ever obtained.

From about 1986 – 1990, Van Halen members appeared as much as anyone at Rockline and at KLOS radio. During that time it was a gravy train of both opportunity and signatures. Each member was signing everything and (almost) anything that was handed to them.

The May 11, 1998 visit to Rockline was the only time (to the best of my memory) that I ever saw Gary Cherone with another band member(s). Thus, I obtained the B&W 8X10 at that time, that you see on this page.