— One fan’s 30 year+ journey collecting autographed Entertainment Memorabilia
and his lifetime of enjoying Rock n Roll Music —
"The most impressive in-person music autograph collector I know. We did a cover story on him back in 2010".
— Steve Cyrkin, Editor of Autograph Magazine Oct/2015
"Thanks for sharing your rockandroll collection with me."
— former KMET disc jockey Pat PARAQUAT Kelly in Nov/2010
"You have more items than I have, and I was in the band."
— Eagles founding Member RANDY MEISNER in May/1994

STEPHEN DUNCAN has been a fan of Rock and Roll music, since he learned to turn on a radio. His over 30 year collection of some of the rarest and hardest to obtain in person celebrity autographs has brought him recognition from fellow collectors, media, celebrities, and from an industry committed to the preservation of real and authentic celebrity signatures.





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