I first started collecting Rock and Roll Memorabilia in the mid 1970’s, around the time I started purchasing albums, trade magazines and soon would be attending concerts. I started collecting Rock and Roll and Celebrity signatures in the spring of 1986.

Since that time, I have obtained over 700 different concert Tour Books, well over 1000 LP’s and 45 rpm’s, but especially proud of the over 3000 autographs from over 600 of Rock and Roll’s greatest performers and music legends. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would ever be able to meet (even so briefly), speak with, take a photo of or with, and/or receive an autograph from Bruce Springsteen, Robert Plant, Roger Waters, Don Henley, Elton John, and so many other pioneers and legends in Rock and Roll. Yes, I have been both very lucky and very blessed.

You can visit many of these encounters on my Celebrity Encounters page:

The fun of collecting is alive, well and continues for me, but, very much has changed over the last 30+ years. The music business, is a business, and autograph signings and selling, is a monstrous business. The so called, “on the streets for free signature” is changing ever so fast and being replaced by the dozens of yearly autograph conventions worldwide, concert “Meets & Greets”, and direct internet selling from an artist’s website.

The availability of such reclusive celebrities are more accessible now than ever, however hand in hand is also the cost of obtaining that autograph which has never been more expensive and increases each year. The cost of travel to an event, ticket prices, entrance fees, a hotel/flight/car rental if out of town or in another state, is part of the cost of obtaining that precious autograph, and such up front expenses is well before the actual cost of the celebrity signature itself. Collecting is not cheap, whatsoever.

Some autographs have become so expensive to obtain that the total price may exceed the value of the signed item itself. This is why I still obtain the autographs I collect with sentimental and personalization value, as often and as much as I can. Such treasures, can then be (almost at times) priceless. Whatever the price is and will increase to, the cost has to be paid. In 2016 I spent the better part of the year inventorying my entire collection, and as well began selling many of my less sentimental items, triplicated items, and items that may bring a good selling price, to help offset such cost as so I can sustain my collection and continue to grow and enhance the betterment of my collection and this website.

The collection must pay for itself and can longer be
an expense from my actual earned income.

if you are interested in purchasing any of the signed items or any of the memorabilia
you see on this website or in my collection, please read the following very carefully:

  1. I have accounted for where and when every signature was obtained to the best of my ability and continue to do so. Unfortunately when I first started to collect, there was no Internet, no eBay, no such word as “selfie” and, being a one man shop, I was lucky to simply obtain the signature. At that time nobody really cared for all the historical and accountable documentation as has now become the custom. I do try to provide whatever information I can; photographs (if any), facts (though they may be limited) – any information about when or where a signature was obtained.

  2. For the most part, no inscribed item is for sale.

  3. Personally, I have no need for any third party “expert” to authenticate what and how I collect. However, I understand that you might. Therefore, I will HOLD any item you are interested in purchasing for a period of 15 days from the time we agree you are interested, while you seek verification or authentication. Simply put, I have seen far too many mistakes made by “experts”, claiming signatures are fraudulent that I know are authentic (I was there, after all). The internet is full of both praise and complaints about these expert opinions. So, all third party authentications are the buyer’s responsibility.

  4. All sales after purchase are final.

PLEASE ASK any questions you have and please get as much detail as you need prior to purchasing anything. I will treat you with the same respect that I wish to be treated with. Emails for any reason are most encouraged.

Regretfully, I cannot offer any services for trying to get a personal item of yours signed. I simply cannot and do not want the responsibility of another collector’s item of memorabilia. With that said, I am happy to share any information that I can that may assist you in getting your item of memorabilia autographed.

Equally, I do not purchase any signatures from outside collectors. Though you may have some historic and very rare items of memorabilia, and I would really enjoy you emailing me and sending me a photo and the back story of your collectable, it’s not the means in which I have chosen to collect.

Please note that this entire website gets updated and copyrighted continuously. If you choose to upload, down load or whatever load any image or item from this website, please do so with photograph credits and my website name information. Play fair and honest and I will probably see no need contact you or make a fuss.


If you are a Rock and Roll celebrity or artist and have old stage clothing, a broken amp, a broken guitar, or parts of an old drum, a cymbal, a microphone, guitar picks or a guitar strap, a stage worn hat, a luggage trunk or any type of hand written lyrics, autographed items of any kind, or any memorabilia perhaps taking up room in your garage or getting rusty and moldy in some storage room and wish to contribute and preserve it in my collection, please contact me or send it to me at:

Stephen Duncan
P.O. Box 267
Norco, CA 92860

or email me at