ARE YOU INTERESTED IN PURCHASING AN AUTOGRAPHED ITEM FROM MY COLLECTION? I just might be interested in selling you an autographed item from my collection.

Like all collections, I primarily collect for my own enjoyment and preservation.

I intend to pass my entire collection on to each of my three children. 

 However and meanwhile, the collection must sustain itself in order to grow.  Therefore, if you are interested in purchasing any items you see within this collection, please read the below very carefully and then feel free to make contact with me.

PLEASE ASK any questions you have and please get as much detail as you need prior to purchasing anything. I will treat you with the same respect that I wish to be treated with. Emails are most encouraged. I am a very friendly person to deal with. all items within my collection are described as to when and where I obtained them, to the absolute best of my ability. However, any 3rd party authenticity issues, guarantees, opinions or anything related that you may seek, is/are your responsibility. I do not get into nor do I care about strangers opinionating what they think is real and what they think is not real. My documentation within the website speaks for itself.




Most likely each inscribed item you see is what I consider a personal “gift” from the celebrity. I often ask for an item to be inscribed, purposely. Unless you really want a pre-inscribed item, that piece is not in all actuality going to be for sell.

(please note: There are no items from either my CHEAP TRICK page and/or my KISS page that are for sale.  These pages are way to personal and the autographs are of some of my favorite within my collection, and not always that easy to obtain).



If there are any questions of any kind, please ask them and lets together find that comfort zone, prior to purchase.





Prior to my 2017 downsize of so much overall memorabilia,  I had obtained over 3000+ autographs from over 600 of the greatest performers and music pioneers, some motion picture and television celebrity legends, and what would fill boxes and boxes of all kinds of rare and unique memorabilia. What started out as a few very lucky and unexpected in person signatures back in 1986, has taken me to Canada and Europe and to over 20 U.S. States over the last 30+ years to obtain what you see now on the pages of this website. I have been both very blessed and very fortunate to have met people that otherwise, I probably would have only seen from the concert stage.


Collecting is not cheap, whatsoever. Nor is the opportunity simply to be in a position where it is to obtain a signed item of memorabilia. 


Autograph Conventions are plentiful, but are scattered across many different states. Travel and hotel stay, is a major expense. The average celebrity at an autograph show or convention charges $30.00 – $50.00 per signed item, with specialty items going for much more. The average concert Meet and Greet can be in excess of $400.00, per person, and may not include the concert ticket. The selling and obtaining of any such memorabilia, especially in person, is now not just Big Business, but HUGE BUSINESS (and the celebs know it).

To sustain my collection and grow it over the next 5 to 10 years, I came to the conclusion in late 2016 that in 2017 I would downsize and sell much of my non Rock and Roll memorabilia and slowly scale back to a collection of just music related items. Though not fully a deletion of all my Motion Picture signatures, the website gradually focuses on just obtained in person classic Rock and Roll autographs and memorabilia.


Regretfully, I cannot offer any services for trying to get a personal item of yours signed. I simply cannot and do not want the responsibility of another collector’s item of memorabilia. With that said, I am happy to share any information that I can that may assist you in getting your item of memorabilia autographed. Email me please: I would enjoy helping you……….

Equally, I do not purchase any signatures from outside collectors. Though you may have some historic and very rare items of memorabilia, and no doubt such items would look great on this website and in my collection, it is simply not how I obtain, nor is the nature of this collection.


Please note that this entire website gets updated and copyrighted continuously. If you choose to upload, down load or whatever load any image or item from this website, please do so with photograph credits and my website name information. Play fair and honest and I will probably see no need contact you or make a fuss.



If you are a Rock and Roll celebrity or artist and have old stage clothing, a broken amp, a broken guitar, or parts of an old drum, a cymbal, a microphone, guitar picks or a guitar strap, a stage worn hat, a luggage trunk or any type of hand written lyrics, autographed items of any kind, or any memorabilia perhaps taking up room in your garage or getting rusty and moldy in some storage room and wish to contribute and preserve it in my collection, please contact me or send it to me at:

Stephen Duncan
P.O. Box 267, Norco, CA 92860

or email me at: