I have never been able to get John Deacon or Freddie Mercury’s autograph in person.
Having said that, my fascination and love as a fan with this band begins on the “JAZZ” Tour on December 18, 1978 at the Fabulous Forum in Inglewood, when I first saw Queen in concert.

I would later see the band twice in July of 1980, during “The Game” Tour again in Inglewood for which I still have my unused ticket to the July 11, 1980 performance…

…and then again in concert on September 14, 1982 on the “Hot Space” Tour.
I was invited and attended the launch of the “INNUENDO” LP release party at The Queen Mary on Saturday February 2, 1991, where Brian May beautifully signed the following guitar
and Roger Taylor personally signed drumhead:


The following story has been a bit mocked and heckled. It has even been put into print that “there is no way it could be true” and “if it sounds too good to be true…” and other insinuations that it just didn’t actually happen.

But I have gradually come to realize that the story itself is not being disputed. It’s the authenticity of the inscribed index card and two B&W 8x10’s each signed “To Stephen” that seems to raise doubts that Freddie Mercury could have, would have, and actually did sign these 3 pieces of what may very well be, the only known autographs to an American,
signed in 1991 by the late Freddie Mercury.

It is with tremendous pride that I describe what took place at The Rockline Radio studios in Universal City, CA on the night of February 4, 1991:

My wife and I arrived shortly before the broadcast. Brian May and Roger Taylor graciously signed a couple of autographs of Queen memorabilia on their way inside. While signing, I asked them each how a fan might obtain Freddie Mercury’s autograph (especially since he had not been in L.A. for quite some time). Brian responded by asking me to “hold that thought, and the other items you want signed.” He said if my wife and I could “wait until after the radio show,
I will have more time to chat with you.”

(A small bit of back story: Brian and Roger remembered me from two nights earlier in Long Beach at The Queen Mary, where I attended the release party for their then current album, Innuendo. Both Brian and Roger signed autographs and spoke with me there.)

As promised, he and Roger did spend time with both my wife and me after the show, signing not only every item that we had, but also asking a bit about the both of us being fans, collectors and ever seeing the band in concert. We were overcome with unbelievable excitement that they both would take the time to actually want to converse with us at such length. So, I asked again how a fan might obtain a signature from Freddie Mercury. Brian paused a bit, looked up at Roger with a smile, turned to us and made the following most amazing offer:

“I will be seeing Freddie in a few weeks or so and I will see if I can get him to sign these for you. If so, I will mail them back to you.”

I stood there speechless at this very, very, rare and incredible act of generosity and kindness (and I am not a guy that is ever at a loss for words). I looked back at my wife, almost frozen, and then turned to Brian May and of course accepted his invitation and offer. To this day, I still cannot fully remember what I said next, though I did hand Brian my items
and wrote down my name and full mailing address.

(Long story short):

As Brian promised, about 8 or 9 weeks later, perhaps very early April, I received a parcel from the United Kingdom containing the following index card and first two photographs,
signed just as you now see below:

In addition to the two above signed photographs and index card that includes Freddie Mercury’s signature, Brian also sent the following full band autographed photo, signed in what appears to be a blue ball point pen, possibly a “pre-signed” or “stock" photo and not something signed at the same time as the above items. Either way, it’s another example of Brian May’s extreme generosity and kindness to his fans:
Within the autograph community, the term “P/A” is used to refer to an autographed item that,
although not known for certain, in all likelihood was signed by someone other than the celebrity,
e.g., a personal assistant or secretary.

It is the opinion of many who study QUEEN signatures, and I now agree, that the above
photograph was signed by just such a person.

I am keeping this photograph within my displayed collection as a source of information –
whomever signed it, band member or otherwise – as it is still a gift sent by Brian May.


Again, I wish to state that the above 4 autographed items of memorabilia were not signed in person in front of us that night. However, especially with regard to the 3 items signed by Freddie Mercury, I have no reason to doubt Brian May’s own word that he went above and beyond, out of his way, to accommodate us on THAT night.


Signed by both Brian May and Roger Taylor at Rockline on February 4, 1991,
on the above tour book and by Roger Taylor on the above drum.
To believe for a moment that the above Brian May signature on the News of the World LP is in any way fraudulent, one must believe that the two index cards below, which have the same dead-on identical signature must also be fraudulent. The signatures match almost perfectly.

However, for argument’s sake, let’s assume that all these so-called Queen Autograph Experts are as correct with their findings as they claim and that either or both of the above two signatures by Brian May are anything less than authentic.

Please CLICK HERE to see even a third example of a Brian May signature, also signed the night of February 4, 1991. Not only is it a dead ringer of the signature on the Brian May LP, it is inscribed
“to Maria with love Brian May ’91”.

Signed by Brian May at The Palace in Hollywood on June 4, 1993.
The signed Brian May Tour Books and the photograph above were signed
at the The Cat Club in L.A. on September 14, 2000. It is so important
to applaud Brian May, who is known for the great generosity and time
he grants to his fans.
“BANG! The Complete History of the Universe”
Signed by Brian May on May 6, 2008, at Book Soup in West Hollywood.
My wife Maria at Book Soup Book Store in West Hollywood on November 6, 2014.
(images of the books signed at this date are forthcoming)