Peter Frampton - Guitar Center - 05-26-10


It was the night I was both very lucky and very privileged to be a part of a crowd of less than 150 people to watch a very intimate acoustic concert, moderated interview, Q&A, and signing by guitar legend Peter Frampton.  It was also the night he embarrassed me in front of the entire crowd for not knowing that he does not discuss anything about his 1978 film involvement of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Apparently, there is a well known fact, unknown to me prior to that night, that Peter Frampton does not discuss this film or his involvement in it, whatsoever. Thus, when I raised my hand during the question segment and expressed my enjoyment for the film, Peter announced to me (paraphrasing) “don’t ever bring that film up or my involvement in it to me”. There was this gasp from several in the crowd that knew I was not supposed “to ask anything about this film” and a silence from everyone else.  As far as myself, I sat there like a fool red with embarrassment. I apologized to him for not knowing.

At the conclusion of the evening during the signing, Peter “apologized” to me saying, “I am glad you liked that film, but rather not ever discuss it.  I am sorry I hollered at you”. To which I said, “you had no fucking business to holler at me in front of the crowd for something I knew absolutely nothing about. Who do you think you are?” I thanked him for the event and for his autographs and left him with the following thought: “I hope you don’t ever speak that way to any other of your fans who may not know what I didn’t know about you and that that film”.

The Guitar Center staff then said they had to push the line through as there where others waiting to get items signed. All the while it was time for me to leave anyways.

The following photographs and autographs were taken/obtained by me that night.