I did not ever obtain any John Bonham autographs as he died before I started collecting.

My autograph relationship with Led Zeppelin is primarily
from the years of 1986 through 2004, with just a very, very few encounters thereafter.

Though Jimmy Page is seemingly a very nice man, he is a very reluctant signer.
On several occasions, unfortunately, it got a bit ugly as I paid several of his security staff/techs to get a few items signed.

Robert Plant has been very accessible for years and participates in pre-concert “meet & greets”.

John Paul Jones is indeed a very willing signer, and very nice man, if you can ever find him.

Tour Books were signed on consecutive nights in Los Angeles on October 31 and November 1, 1990.

(please don’t ask me which book was signed on what day------)

One of the very first Robert Plant signatures I ever obtained.
Signed on April 18, 1988 here in Los Angeles.

The two above identical photos are of Robert Plant at Live Aid on January 13, 1985,
and signed as he entered the Rockline Studios in Universal City on April 18, 1988.

Robert Plant signed the above on October 29, 1990 in Los Angeles, after
finishing his Rockline Radio broadcast and was headed to the Rainbow Bar & Grill.

The photo signed in silver on the left, was signed on June 14, 1988
and the photo on the right was signed on September 12, 2002, over 14 years apart.

You can easily see by these examples the digression of a full Robert Plant signature.


3 different autographed programs from the 1979 Knebworth, UK performance, each one signed by a member of Led Zeppelin: Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and Jimmy Page.
Signed at the L.A. Greek Theater at the pre-concert “Meet and Greet” party on September 12, 2002.
I took both of the above photos of Robert Plant on Hollywood Blvd. in May 16, 1995,
standing next to my then red Toyota 4-Runner. I later got them signed on his “Dreamland” tour
at The Greek Theatre pre show signing “Meet and Greet” on September 12, 2002.
I took this photo from the Sunset Bl. side of Tower Records, promo for Led Zeppelin’s
“NO QUARTER” album release, then later went back and got both men to sign it.
Signed by Robert Plant outside the Rainbow Bar and Grill in West Hollywood on September 12, 2002.
The above three photographs of John Paul Jones were photographed by myself
at the fifth KLSX Radio Classic Rock Expo at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel,
on December 3, 1994. The photos would later be signed while JPJ was in Los Angeles.
This poster was not signed in person in front of me. At The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles on September 12, 2002, I saw a fan who was also in line with me at the pre concert "Meet and Greet", with this poster, waiting to get it signed. He was about 15 people behind me, out of about 35 or so people there for the "M&G". Everyone was allowed to get about 2 or 3 items signed. After the person I was with and I received our signed items (which were actually my items), I waited for this other fan with the now-signed poster to exit the signing room, and I traded two of my signed items for this one poster.
Signed flyer by Robert Plant on September 11, 2002.
I took the photo of Robert Plant and Jimmy Page at the June 30, 1990 Knebworth, (England) all day concert/festival but obtained the signatures at the soundcheck on June 29, 1990. This was the first time I ever saw Plant and Page share the same stage.
Robert Plant signed the above on October 29, 1990 in Los Angeles, after
finishing his Rockline Radio broadcast and was headed to the Rainbow Bar & Grill.
Signed "Non Stop Go" 1988 Tour Book from his Now and Zen Tour.
Robert Plant signed the above on October 29, 1990 in Los Angeles, after
finishing his Rockline Radio broadcast and was headed to the Rainbow Bar & Grill.

Robert Plant & Jimmy Page signed drum head purchased at the Los Angeles Forum as the band was selling complete signed drum heads used in earlier shows of the No Quarter Tour. Signed in San Diego on May 13, 1995 and sold at The Fabulous Forum on May 16, 1995.

This is a photograph that I personally took of Robert Plant at the June 30, 1990 Knebworth Pop Festival in Kenbworth, England. I later got this photograph signed by Robert on August 10, 1990 at the Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre in Laguna Hills.
A real gem of an autographed Robert Plant item of memorabilia:
Signed cover of the "Fate Of Nations" Tour Book by Robert Plant
and the inner sleeve pages again by Robert, and his band.
Signed in full at The Rainbow Bar and Grill in West Hollywood
and at The Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles,October 18, 1993.
...and this personally signed solo album was autographed by Robert Plant while sitting down at a table, at the pre-concert Meet and Greet, at The Greek Theater on September 12, 2002.
Autographed and framed Robert Plant "Pictures At Eleven" album signed backstage at the Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre in Laguna Hills on August 10, 1990. This is indeed one of the clearest and nicest signatures I have of Robert Plant in my entire collection. This is an amazing piece of autographed memorabilia.



The two guitars and three albums below were not signed in my presence.

The two guitars were signed with the help of a road staff crew person
at The Greek Theater in Los Angeles on October 18, 1999,
during a very failed but very expensive unofficial “Meet & Greet”.

The three albums were all purchased from Led Zeppelin collector and historian Rick Barrett
in 1985 for an approximate price of $3,000 each. He stated that all three LP’s were signed
in full at The Rainbow Theater in London, during the 1980 European Tour rehearsals.

I make NO REPRESENTATION, either way, to the validity or non-validity of these signatures.
I would gladly enjoy hearing your opinions should you wish to express them regarding the
authenticity or lack thereof on any of these signatures below.



albums are often the most forged of all Rock and Roll band signatures.

The chances that these three above fully signed Led Zeppelin albums contain
real and authentic signatures by the four band members, have both odds
and probability stacked high against them. However, if these signatures
are real, especially on the “In Through The Out Door” album released less
than 13 months prior to the death of John Bonham, it would be one of
the greatest financial and historic bonanza’s that Led Zeppelin Memorabilia
and perhaps even Rock and Roll memorabilia, may have ever seen.

History shows there are very few John Bonham signatures in circulation and
even fewer fully signed Led Zeppelin albums. Though some do exist, as the
internet has some very reliable examples and stories of where such albums
have originated from. Sadly, the forgeries of this band’s “signatures” increase
with each passing year, and those few items that are real, seemingly disappear.

Here is what I know about the above three “signed” Led Zeppelin albums:

In early 1985, I purchased each of these 3 albums from Led Zeppelin
memorabilia collector Rick Barrett. Rick is well known within the world of
rare Rock and Roll collectables and the memorabilia industry. He has a
long and very solid reputation, especially in regards to rare Led Zeppelin
hard to find and long outdated memorabilia. Rick is from Houston, Texas.
Each of these albums have been secure and in my possession ever since.

Rick stated each of these LP’s were signed at The Rainbow Theater in London,
during the rehearsals for the 1980 Led Zeppelin “Tour Over Europe” in May
of 1980. Led Zeppelin fan pages abundantly confirm and well document
these rehearsals by the entire band during such time.

Rick explains that he purchased these albums several years earlier from a man
by the name of Michael Ainscoe. In 2017, I set out to find this man and pick up
whatever trail may still exists and backtrack the possession history of these
albums. Mr. Ainscoe lives (as of May/2017) in Bury, England, U.K. I got ahold of
Mr. Ainscoe through the internet and Facebook and he remembers these albums
well, especially selling them to Rick. He was very willing and very enthusiastic to
offer any bit of information that he could remember to help facilitate my quest.

Michael Ainscoe’s words and response to me via email is below:

“Bear in mind it was over 30 years ago when I got those albums and contacted
Rick to see if he was interested…….and we ended up making a trade. I actually got
hold of the records back I think towards the end of 1980 – it was around Xmas I
think – as I met a guy at University who sold me various things including those
records. His name and this is where I am struggling with memories…….Jon/John
and something beginning with an F (Finch?)…….His connection was that he (or his
family) had connections with a couple of people who were part of the Page
organization…….domestics who looked after the Windsor home. I certainly
almost remember the name Bernice. He (Jon/John) was told of and where the
rehearsals were at, and then went to (The Rainbow Theater)……and waited out by
the stage door and (obtained the signatures as the band entered and left)
….the venue. Jon/John and the part of his family that I did get to meet,
gave me no reason whatsoever to doubt their integrity ………or their story.

Mike goes on to say that he has no contact 37 years later with Jon/John and
has no idea of how today to contact this man. Mike reiterates that he met him
and some of his family while in college, became friends, and had no reason to feel
any distrust for him or his story. The albums were a result of both kids passing
them on to the next (then to Rick) as a means of earning tuition money.

I know that this does not prove authenticity by any stretch of the imagination.
However, its “information” that does give accountability as to a trail that just
might lead back to all four members of Led Zeppelin signing these albums.

(please email me if you have any information, connections, or ideas that can assist in my quest)