KMET Tribute

Just hearing that name, brings back smiles and a lot more than just a little bit of heaven.

For about 10 years on this page, I told what I felt was a pretty good fans version of what I still feel was the finest, most unique, bizarre, but so enjoyable radio station ever on the radio. From the ashes of AM, and with growing up on 93-KHJ, 1190-KEZY and 1070-KRLA, 94.7-KMET was a ritual, an automatic, and an everyday for over 15 very enjoyable years on my very young life. KMET 94.7 was were I first heard what would eventually be R&R’s now legendary and most classic of the greatest music for my generation ever made. Yes, I tried telling such a story of my version of KMET. However, I found out that I rather listen to the stories being told which made so much more sense, then try and tell them.

I have been so lucky in my life to have met, sat down with, perhaps visited briefly to, or have spoken to Cynthia Fox, Jim Ladd, Paraquat Kelley, Raechel Donahue, Rick Scarry, David Perry, Jack Snyder, Gabriel Wisdom, Ace Young, Shadoe Stephens, Rick Lewis, Jeff Gonzer, Ralph Bellamy, Dr. Demento, who each tell their story of KMET far more interesting and inviting, that I as a fan could ever detail. Each of these encounters, many, ever so brief, has each been rewarding and so enjoyable and is a step back, even for just a little bit, into such a very innocently happy time






KLAC/KMET Building - Metropolitan Square



The day AFTER (or thereabouts) the music of FM for a time indeed died.

In my opinion FM RADIO has never been the same or as good since.



Personally signed by Jim Ladd and Rachel Donohue

They say all good things come to an end, and nothing lasts forever. KMET seems to fit both these sayings. The Canadian based rock band Rush, said it best in the song “Spirit of the Radio”: “….one likes to believe in the freedom of music. But glittering prizes and endless compromises shatter the illusion of integrity”. Though KMET may be 30+ years gone, it’s soul like so many of the artists and a few of its DJ’s that sadly left us, have not at all been forgotten.


KMET Rocktober Button
KMET Immoral Minority Pin
Stephen Stolen Camaro
KMET Welcomes the Police Pin

Me sitting on top of my recovered but burned and stolen 1978 Camaro in May of 1980.
Note my KMET t-shirt.

Bruce Springsteen 94.7 KMET '85 Pin
KMET David Bowie Pin
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KMET Calif Jam
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KMET Colorful Kaymetville
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Signed by Shadoe Stevens
KMET Springsteen Key Ring

My nephew, David St. John, and me in early 1982.
Please note my KMET T-shirt.

KMET Concert Guide #1
KMET Concert Guide #2
KMET Concert Guide #3
KMET Concert Guide #4


On Friday, July 10, 2009 from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m, L.A.’s 100.3 FM “The Sound” became KMET, just for one day, as we all enjoyed “Finally a KMET Friday.” Jeff Gonzer, Ace Young, Pat “Paraquat” Kelley, Jack Snyder, Dr. Demento and others from the Mighty Met recreated the music, the magic, the spirit and fun of LA’s original album rock station. Sadly missed was Jim Ladd, Denise Westwood, Cynthia Fox, and Bob Coburn, left out of the party by the “fuddy duddy management” over at KLOS. It was a day of celebration of what was the mightiest radio station ever in Los Angeles, 94.7 KMET. Whooya!

It was a little bit of heaven.


KMET Front
KMET Inside

KMET 94.7 vol. 1
June 13th – 16th 1978

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