How far would a fan go to obtain an autograph from his favorite celebrity? Perhaps innocently too far.....

STEPHEN DUNCAN and TATE PUBLISHING bring you this brand new 160 page action filled story about husband and father Mark Kelley, and his desire to obtain a celebrity autograph.

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 About the Book

Mark Kelly is a fan of semi retired rock guitarist Gordon Pelam, formally of the rock band The Clark County Spree. Mark needs Gordon's signature to complete a fully signed album by the band. In his quest, Mark meets up with and commissions a Los Angeles Paparazzo. Though Mark's instructions are very clear on how to obtain the much needed signature, he soon learns that the ethics and tactics of many who collect autographs on the streets for pure profit are not all what they seem. Mark and his family get tangled up with L.A.'s paparazzi; all the while Gordon and his family are being stalked by a madman.

As all these worlds collide, Gordon must protect his family, the Paparazzo must save his skin, and Mark must find a way to get released from jail. Tate Publishing and author Stephen Duncan bring you this exciting and thrilling novel with an ending that you will never expect and never see coming. Sometimes those that do collect autographs, are "Just A Fan".

About the Author

Stephen Duncan is a husband and father of a very beautiful family and lives in the San Gabriel Valley. He has 3 kids, dog, a fish and a "hippo".

He is an all volunteer instructor and umpire for Little League Baseball and an advocate in the fight to preserve real celebrity signatures and stop the cancer of fake and fraudulent autographs.


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